This is the Let The Good News Ring About Page.  Look here for some general information about us and the contact form!

The Authors

Toria and I(Sawyer) are a married couple who reside in Florida.  We are college students and we are dedicated to sharing the love of Christ.


Let The Good News Ring!  Our mission is to be positive and encouraging in everything we do!

Explanation of Our Name

Some of you may be wondering why the name of Toria and I's website is "Let the Good News Ring" if we aren't focused on sharing and discussing actual world news.  Good News in the religious sense is actually recognized as meaning the Gospel or message of Jesus.  This includes the miracles of Jesus, all of his teachings, the promise of being saved if you believe in Him, and the coming of the Kingdom of God.  We try to share this through our site's content.  Even though we would like to share good worldly news, our main focus is to share encouragement and most importantly the message of Jesus.


About the Site

Right now, our website is simply a compilation of encouragement, advice, recipes and Bible verses.  In addition, we are sharing positive movements in our world today, such as the END IT movement.
 What else does our site have to offer?  You’ll just have to visit back often to find out!

 If you would like to donate to help support our development and the promotion of our site please use the donate button to the right.  80% of the amount donated will go to development and promotion, and the other 20% will be donated to two wonderful Christian Causes, EndIt and IJM.

If you have any questions, comments, or prayer requests please feel free to contact us at contact@goodnewsrings.com or fill out the form below!